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"The sun will rise with or without you, make everyday count because you're not promised tomorrow." - Stanley Holland
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A little Friday perspective. 

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You can’t do anything to make your pet live longer, but there are plenty of things you can do shorten their lifespan.
Admiral Vet

King County Metro is marketing the “Aurora Corridor” on Rapid Ride buses. I usually dislike imaginary real estate terminology but this works. Excellent example of active place making and connecting transit to people’s lives.

The world doesn’t care how many times you fall down, as long as it’s one fewer than the number of times you get back up.
Aaron Sorkin
“Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.” - Rumi

Red and a few of the original Pokemon at Facebook’s Seattle office.

Words of wisdom to keep in mind when starting something new.

Words of wisdom to keep in mind when starting something new.

I’m honored to be a part of the 2014 planning team for SVP Fast Pitch Seattle - the Northwest’s premiere business training and pitch for nonprofit organizations and social innovators. Over $200,000 in grants and investments will be awarded to winning organizations this October.

SVP Fast Pitch connects innovators with business, philanthropic, and non-profit leaders who want to help change the world. Applications for the program are due July 1st. Have a great idea to change the world?

Let’s talk. Message me on Twitter at @jholland218.

Cracking open a fresh Moleskine. New season, fresh GTD book. Snow leopard white. #Productivity #LifeHack #Analog #GoalSetting #Moleskine

Missed the Capitol Hill Seattle (CHS) memo. Ma’ono - one of West Seattle’s finest, recently opened up shop in the Rhino Room (building also home of the Stranger). Great time to be an established restauranteur. Lots of new spaces popping up in Central Seattle.

Capitol Hill hipsters, prepare your taste buds for some amazing fried chicken!

Last Sunday as part of Seattle’s “Summer Streets” program, Alki Ave was closed to car traffic and transformed from a space reserved primarily for cars into an inviting place for people. Residents seized the opportunity to experience the roads without motorized vehicles and reimagined the space for day.

Seattle’s “Summer Streets” program is a part of the open street movement and is an exercise in reimaging urban space for people. The next “Summer Streets” event is in Ballard on May 29. Learn more about the program at www.seattle.gov/transportation/summerstreets.htm


Call for Innovation Grant Proposals 

NetHope & Visa to award innovation grants to non-profit and development organizations 

"NetHope and Visa are pleased to announce a second series of Visa Innovation Grants for development and non-profit organizations seeking to adopt or expand the use of electronic payments in their programs and operations. In 2013, NetHope and Visa launched the Visa Innovation Grants and awarded five grants to non-profit humanitarian and development organizations to support their innovation, implementation and adoption of electronic transfers and payments within their programs and organizations. You can learn more about Round I of the Visa Innovation Grants here.

In this second round of Visa Innovation Grants, Visa and NetHope will continue to seek to encourage and support the innovative use of electronic payments by development and non-profit organizations with a particular interest in proposals from certain geographies and sectors that demonstrate the ability to scale use of electronic payments.”

Read more and submit an application here.

Application deadline is June 2nd, 2014.

Excellent opportunity for non-profits leveraging the power of electronic payments to drive social change around the world. NetHope and Visa are awarding grants to foster innovative use of the technology. More details above.

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Important concept for communicators when creating content: Simple. Straightforward. Human.

Happy Friday!

Continuing my Seattle Neighborhoodist education. Met with the Master Gardener of Croft Place - an affordable housing project managed by the Delridge Neighborhood Association (DNDA).

Lessons learned:

  • Delridge is home to Seattle’s first edible forest
  • Croft Pl is a part of Seattle’s Puget Ridge neighborhood (part of Delridge corridor)
  • A new co-op grocery is set to open soon on Delridge selling items harvested from the neighborhood.